About Todd's Hammer

(Updated on 25 September 2022 - Updated page to reflect new todding level thresholds)


Todd's Hammer is a system that allows you to transfer certain upgrades on a lower level items onto a higher level item. You can access Todd's Hammer by clicking on the blue hammer icon at the bottom of your inventory .

The Todd's Hammer UI.

The Todding Process

The UI will highlight to players items that can undergo the transfer process (commonly called "todding") on the bottom left. Once you select an item to extract, the bottom right will display items that can receive the transferred upgrades.

Important: The item being extracted will disappear after you execute the todding process.

Select an equipment to extract from the provided list (top) and the UI will display all possible equipment that can receive the extracted item's upgrades (bottom).

Criteria for Todding

In order to todd an item, there are a few standard criteria to meet first. For easier reference in the subsequent sections, the item being extracted is termed Extracting Equipment (EE), and the item receiving these upgrades is termed Receiving Equipment (RE).

Property Criteria
Item Level

RE must be +1 to +20 levels of EE (for EE level 119 and below).
RE must be +1 to +10 levels of EE (for EE level 120 and above).

"Reduced Wearing Level" flame stats are not factored when determining item levels in todding.


  • Okay - Blue Varr Hat to Eclectic Coral (Level 100 > 120)
  • Okay - Utgard Staff to Fafnir Staff (Level 140 > 150)
  • Not okay - Dea Sidus Earrings to Will o' the Wisps (Level 130 > 130)
  • Not okay - Fafnir Mana Taker to Arcaneshade Staff (Level 150 > 200)
Equipment Type

EE and RE must have matching item types (e.g. Hat to Hat, Staff to Staff). Overalls can be todded onto both Top and Bottom item types and vice-versa.

EE and RE can belong to different classes (e.g. Mage hat to Warrior hat).

Certain items cannot use Todd's Hammer:

  • Zero weapons
  • Superior equipment
  • Time-limited equipment
  • Equipment with fixed potentials/upgrades
  • Equipment that cannot contain potentials
  • Equipment that have special skills (e.g. Breath of Divinity, Reaper's Pendant)
  • Cash items

Item Properties

The table below lists item properties that are/are not transferred during todding.

Item Property Transferred to RE? Notes

Bonus Stats / Flame stats

RE retains the flame stats that it has during todding.

Spell Trace / Scroll upgrades

If RE has upgrade slots left unused during todding, you will be given the choice to use up all upgrade slots with 100% scrolls free-of-charge.

Star Force
Yes, minus 1 star

EE must have at least 1 star force.

RE's existing star force is replaced by EE's star force (minus one).

(Additional) Potentials
Yes, up to Epic potential

RE's existing potentials are replaced by EE's potentials.

If EE has Unique/Legendary potential, downgrade potential lines to Epic rank of equivalent stat type (e.g. STR +12% at Legendary becomes STR +6% at Epic for a level 100+ item) during todding.

If equivalent stat type does not exist (e.g. Boss Damage % does not exist on Epic potentials), randomly reroll that affected line during todding.

Boss Souls

RE's existing boss soul/soul weapon status is replaced by EE's boss soul/soul weapon status.

If RE was not a soul weapon, automatically transform into one and receive EE's boss soul.

Tradability No

RE's tradability remains unaffected (e.g. if EE was tradable, but RE was untradable, RE remains untradable after todding).

Special Scroll usage

Any effects of Guardian Scrolls, Shielding Scrolls, Shielding Wards, etc. that exist on EE will not be transferred to RE.

Benefits of Todding

The majority benefit of todding is on cost-saving -- you save star forcing costs (only need to star back one lost star), and can retain useful potentials you found on items from lower levels by todding upwards.

When todding from low level items (below 100) to higher level items (100+), the potential value automatically adjusts to fit the RE's level. Hence, players do not lose out on any possible boosts if starting early with todding.

Whether you're just starting off and lack mesos, or found an item with potentials you really want to keep, the Todd's Hammer system has proved very useful in making it easier to retain upgrades you want. Once again, do be reminded that todding will cause the equipment being extracted to vanish when the process completes. Be sure to use it carefully and wisely!



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