About Soul Weapons



  • Weapons only
  • Item level 75+ (level 100+ if attaching augmented souls)

Soul weapons are weapons that can be attached with a boss soul. When you equip a soul weapon, an effect hovers above your character. A soul gauge also appears that displays how many monster souls you have collected. You can use a keyboard shortcut to access this gauge at any time.


(Top)(Left) Soul weapon effect above your character's head. (Bottom)(Right) The soul gauge indicates how many monster souls you have collected. Click on the bottom-right button to toggle on/off the effect above your head.

Monster souls can be collected by hunting any monster, and reaches a maximum of 1000 souls. An "empty" soul weapon (one with no boss soul attached) gives up to +10 WA/MA after collecting at least 501 souls. A soul weapon with a boss soul attached gives up to +20 WA/MA. Boss souls also give an additional stat boost and a skill that you can use in battle. The amount of WA/MA, stat boost and skill you get depends on the type of soul you have.


(Top)(Left) A weapon with no boss soul attached. (Bottom)(Right) A weapon with a Glamorous Lotus soul attached. Notice the additional All Stats +15 bonus and a "Hit Lotus" skill usable once enough souls have been gathered.

Making a Soul Weapon

Method 1: Click-and-drop

The quickest way to make an ordinary weapon into a soul weapon is to click-and-drop a Soul Enchanter onto your equipped weapon. Soul Enchanters have varied success rates. They do not destroy your weapon if enchantment fails. These items drop from monsters and are usually untradable. You can purchase a 30% version in the Dojo shop as well. There are tradable versions, mostly obtained through events.

Entry / Enhanced / Special Soul Enchanters have 30% / 60% / 100% success rates to make your weapon a soul weapon.

Method 2: Legendary Spirit

If you are unable to equip the weapon, or do not wish to equip it just yet, you can use the Legendary Spirit skill. Find Eurek the Alchemist and complete [The Wandering Alchemist Eurek's New Skill] quest. You will obtain the skill upon quest completion. Double click Legendary Spirit in your Beginner skills tab and place the weapon you wish to transform into a soul weapon. Next, click-and-drop a Soul Enchanter into the window. After a moment, you'll see if enchantment has succeeded!

Legendary Spirit can be used for scrolling and attaching boss souls too!

Reverting a Soul Weapon

Only do this if you wish to make your soul weapon a regular weapon. Find the Unidentified Wizard in various towns and select the third option (I would like to get the Soul Weapon back as it was). Note that this removes any attached boss soul, as well as the effects of the Soul Enchanter on the item. You do not get the removed boss soul back. See Boss Souls section below if you just want to replace the current boss soul on your weapon.

The Unidentified Wizard reverts the soul weapon capabilities of your item.

Boss Souls

Creating, Attaching, Replacing Souls

Most bosses drop soul shards upon their defeat. When you have at least 10 shards from the same boss, double-click it to receive the boss' soul with a certain prefix. "Augmented"-prefixed souls are more powerful and give better bonus stats. Click-and-drop a boss soul onto a soul weapon to attach the soul. To replace a boss soul, simply click-and-drop a different boss soul. You lose effects from the previous soul and do not get the soul back.

Double-click 10 soul shards (left) to receive the respective boss' soul (right).

Once you attach a boss soul, the effects are permanent (until replaced by another soul). However, the soul (item) itself has a 30-day expiry and are untradable when you get them from soul shards. Augmented souls are permanent and tradable. Unused boss souls can be placed into the Soul Collector.

Specialized Items

Item Name Function
Soul Shard Synergy Takes 2 Soul Shards and creates a new Soul Shard.

Possible Soul Shards:
Vicious Hunter / Rampant Cyborg / Bad Brawler / Mad Mage / Black Knight / Balrog / Zakum / Von Leon / Pierre / Arkarium / Von Bon / Hilla / Pink Bean / Crimson Queen / Vellum / Magnus / Cygnus / Lotus / Murr Murr
Soul Extractor Extracts 5 boss souls and creates up to 10 random Soul Shards. Augmented and time-limited souls cannot be used for extraction.

Summoning Souls

You need a certain amount on your soul gauge in order to summon your boss soul to fight alongside you. When the boss soul can be summoned, the visual effect above your head changes. You can summon the soul using the keys indicated in the soul gauge, or by using the soul skill available in your Beginner skill window.


Once you have enough on the soul gauge to summon the boss soul, the visual effect changes.


Summon the boss soul using the keypress indicated on the gauge or through the soul skill available in the Beginner skill tab.

Boss soul attacks have two levels - the first is default, the second is obtained after you have collected all prefixes for that boss' soul in your Soul Collector. Augmented souls have different skills from other prefixed souls.

Soul Collector

The Soul Collector is accessed through its button on the soul gauge. Each boss has their own collection page, where you can fill the slots using one of each prefix (including Augmented) belonging to that soul. Once you fill the full page, you gain access to a hidden illustration, and unlock the second level of the boss' soul skill.

Use the Soul Collector to dump all unused boss souls you get when opening soul shards.



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