About Set Effects


Set effects are bonuses you get when wearing 2 or more items belonging to the same item set. The more items you wear within the set, the more bonuses you get. It is possible to reap the benefits of multiple set effects from different sets if you plan your gear setup well.

Equip 3 or more items in the same set and you'll get set effects!

To find out if an item belongs to any set, mouse over the item, and any set effect will be displayed to the right of it. If you already have an item of the same type equipped (e.g. you already have a cape equipped and want to see if another cape in your inventory has set effects), simply right click while hovering over the item to view set effect details.

Lucky Items

Lucky items can take the place of the item's equip type in any set effect. For example, a Chaos Vellum Helm is a lucky item, and fills the Hat slot in any set that requires a hat as part of the set effect.

However, there are a few restrictions:

  • Only one lucky item will take effect if you are wearing multiple lucky items
  • You must have at least 3 non-lucky items equipped in the set before the lucky item takes effect inside that set (see image below)

The Chaos Vellum Helm will not take effect unless you have at least 3 non-lucky items equipped in the set.

Lucky Item Priority

If you have multiple lucky items equipped and all of them are eligible to take effect, which one takes priority? Below is a list of all lucky items, listed in order of priority, from highest to lowest (i.e. Chaos Root Abyss boss helmets take priority over all other lucky items if they are eligible).

Disclaimer: The priority list below was generated through equipping multiple lucky items and observing which item took effect. Items with greyed text indicate uncertainty on its position in the list.

  • Chaos Root Abyss boss helmets
  • Scarlet Earrings
  • Mu Lung Dojo gloves
  • Genesis Weapons
  • Scarlet Ring
  • Fighter's Ring
  • Scarlet Shoulderpads
  • Masteria Shoulderpads
  • Scarlet Weapons

How Important Are Lucky Items?

Ultimately, it depends. A common setup for unfunded to low-funded players at the initial stages is equipping 3 Root Abyss set items (Top + Bottom + Weapon) and 4 Absolabs set items (Glove + Shoe + Cape + Shoulder), along with a Chaos Vellum Helm to push both sets to 4 and 5 items equipped respectively. This earns the user 60% boss damage from the added set effects, which is quite a decent amount.

One lucky helmet, multiple benefits.

However, this gives rise to an interesting problem -- if you want to retain these benefits, you cannot change any items and are stuck in this setup. As you progress further into the game, Absolabs/Arcaneshade set items (usually weapons first) become increasingly more crucial for progression towards harder bosses. You may then find it necessary to remove the lucky item in favor of other gear.

Lucky items help provide a decent boost to cover multiple sets in one shot, which is why they are so useful. The conditions lucky items are imposed with makes them a little difficult to work with, but plan well and you can reap its benefits.



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