Damage Skins

(New skins added on: 27 Dec 2023)

Info Sheet Details

All names are as seen in MapleSEA. Note that not all skins are available in game -- they may not be released or are upcoming releases. Damage skins may have multiple names. Many thanks to Zamiel and reWZ for extracting and providing initial damage skin details.

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    / : Add/Remove selected damage skin from "cart" (up to 20; bottom right icon)

New Skins (Updated 27 Dec 2023)

Angelic Buster
Brown Striped
Bubble Bubble
Christmas Concept
Colorful Moment
Dream Guide
Good Night Black Heaven (Unit)
Hangeul Day 천지인
Love Sunflower Seed
Night Wave Action
Snowflake on a Tree
Sweet Dream
Thanksgiving Day
Under Construction