Crossword Puzzle

Just a simple crossword puzzle I created for fun. Note that these answers are based on MapleSEA names, so your answer may be affected! Once you've filled in all the boxes, check your answer and see if you got them all right. Once the whole crossword is correct, a surprise awaits you. Enjoy!


1. The rock giant

2. A place lost in time

3. "You who walk in the steps of regret… the end will leave only regrets..."

6. Once a friend, now a foe; originally part of a trio of friends

9. Perion in           

10. (Mouseover for image) _____heart

12. (Mouseover for image) Rune of           

15. The Queen in pursuit of eternal youth

17. (Mouseover for image) Who is this?

19. "Cough, cough..."


4. An undead creature you come across before finding Moira

5. A hidden altar belonging to the Black Mage resides here

7. The direct way to get between Herb Town and Aquarium is through me!

8. Town that has the "Sleeping Beauty's Sea"

11. A gigantic creature who ate an equally gigantic sandwich

13. The village where everyone is named after different types of cheese

14. Before taking over as Transcendent (and hence Aiona), Tana wielded the power of           

16. (Mouseover for image) Which town has this town icon?

18. (Mouseover for image) Who is this?

20. (Mouseover for image) What monster is this?

Feel free to type into the squares below while sorting through the letters!

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