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Hey there! I'm whacky, a mapler in MapleSEA. I main an Evan in Aquila world and have been developing this site since mid-2019. This site has been built from scratch using knowledge I've picked up, and will continue to be updated as and when possible. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Disclaimer: This site contains information catered for the MapleStory SEA (MSEA) service. Discrepancies in names and other details are expected if you play a non-MSEA service. Thanks for understanding!

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To see what upcoming content is planned for the site, check out the Google Docs here! Feel free to drop suggestions or ideas (or anything you wish to be prioritized) in the document.

For any enquiries, feedback, suggestions or just to check out what I'm up to when I'm not working on the site, feel free to check out any of the socials below!

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Thanks for considering to support the site! Any amount received will first go to the site's server and database upkeep costs. The remaining amounts will be split to help me in up-skilling and learning new skills for web development, as well as supporting my gaming journey in Maplestory.

Currently, two options are available - Ko-Fi or PayPal. If there's other options you'd wish for me to add please do let me know too. Once again, many thanks for supporting this site and its development!