Tactical Relay

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Event Summary
  • Each day, you have nine (9) missions to complete
  • Each character can complete only one mission a day
  • Missions must be completed in sequence
  • Completing each mission gives 50 points
  • Each mission gives Level Bonus points (20 per mission) if you complete it on a character level 200 (and above)
  • Each mission gives Job Bonus points (10 per mission) for completing it using a specified class type (warrior / mage / archer / etc.)
  • The final mission per day is to kill 300 Arcane River monsters -- you need at least one character that can access Arcane River.
  • Each day, four of the five class types will be repeated (e.g. Day 1 needs two pirates, warriors, mages and archers). The repeated classes will rotate daily.
  • To get a perfect score (10080 points), you need to complete every mission daily and obtain all possible bonus points:
    • Minimally ten (10) characters, at level 200 and above
    • Two of each class type - Warrior, Mages, Archers, Thieves, Pirates
  • If you only want the Typhoon Growth Potion (7,000 points):
    • Completing all missions at base points (50) gives you a total of 6,300 points in 14 days
    • You need to get 700 points through bonus points (either matching class type or level 200+ character)
  • Key in the event start date (defaults to MSEA's Tactical Relay start date, 18 March 2020)
  • Uncheck the checkbox if you are not aiming for Perfect Score.
  • For Perfect Score:
    • Fill in at least ten (10) characters you wish to use below according to their class type
    • The first input for each class type should be a character level 200+
    • The second input for each class type should be a character that can access the Arcane River
  • For Non-Perfect Score:
    • Fill in all characters you intend to use in the relay below according to their class type
    • Click on the + button to add characters under each class type
    • Check the box inside the respective text inputs if the character is level 200 and above (the calculator will assume it can also access the Arcane River)
  • Click on Generate and the recommended characters to use per day will be displayed, along with its respective score breakdown.
  • IMPORTANT: Data you have keyed into input boxes will not be saved unless you click the Generate button.
  • Click on Restart to erase all saved data and start from scratch.
Understanding Table Data
  • The top right corner of each cell displays the required class type icon.
  • After table data is generated, the icon will light up if the selected class is matching and eligible for Job Bonus.
  • A separate icon will light up if the selected character is over 200 and eligible for Level Bonus.








Tactical Relay Planning

Week 1
Week 2
300 level-range mobs
100 combo kills
Defeat 1 daily boss
300 star force mobs
Monster Park once
Activate 1 Rune
3 Elite Monsters
100 Multi-kills
300 Arcane River mobs
Mission Score
Job Bonus
Level Bonus
Total Score
Grand Total: 0